What To Expect

Before a massage

  • If this is your first massage at CompleteCare Therapeutic Massage, arrive 10-15 mintues early to complete the necessary forms.
  • If your hair is long, you may want to pin it up.
  • You will be asked to undress to your comfort level and get comfortable on the massage table, covered with a sheet, before the therapist enters the room.

During a massage

  • If any technique performed is uncomfortable to you, for any reason, let the therapist know immediately. Communication is essential!
  • Temperature: Should the temperature be too warm or cold for your comfort, let the therapist know.
  • Draping: The part of the body being worked on is the only part that will be undraped. No massages will be given without proper draping.

After a massage

  • During massage you are lying prone for almost an hour. This may cause dizziness upon sitting up. Therefore when getting up after massage, go slowly.
  • Massage therapy promotes a release of toxins from the body tissues. In order to flush toxins from the body, it is imperative that you drink a sufficient amount of water. Keep drinking until the water passed from the body is clear.