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Complete Care Massage is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to the treatment and healing of the soft body tissues. Clients can choose a massage therapist or one can be recommended. We suggest that you try as many therapists as you can because each one will bring a unique healing artform or specialty to the table. If you’re going to unwind or just to work out the kinks, make sure you find the right message for your needs. Often they can be customized to address any concerns you may have and to make the message perfect for you. The second stage of care consists of correcting the problems which caused and contributed to the condition and healing and rehabilitating the injured tissues. Unless these events take place, a favorable outcome is unlikely and future recurrences of the problem are likely.

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The typical patient will encounter stages of care. The first stage focuses on symptomatic relief such as reduction of pain and other discomforts. The following stage addresses tissue healing and function normalization. The final stage consists of periodic spinal care to prevent the formation of new injuries, minimize future flare-ups of old injuries, and prevent degenerative spinal processes from occurring.  As a result, we have helped many of our patients recover from injuries where traditional medicine has failed. We help our patients achieve their wellness goals by offering traditional chiropractic care but also complementing it with the advanced practices below. In Complete Care Massage believes in a holistic approach to wellness.

chiropractor and massage near me in North Shore

The term ‘massage’ can be misleading. Some think of a message as something to help you relax and wind down from a stressful week. If you search some of the discount websites online, there’s a good chance that some massage provider is offering a special. While there is nothing wrong with getting a message purely for pleasure, our team at Complete Care Massage believe there is a lot more that can be accomplished from massage therapy. This will allow the majority of individuals to continue their activities of daily living. Patients are generally recommended to “take it easy” but are encouraged to stay mobile and functional so long as there is not a risk of further injury or tissue damage. Therapies that reduce inflammation and muscle spasm are also used during this stage when present.

Tissues and structures that are not fully healed and rehabilitated are prone to future problems. Sticking to appointments, complying with home exercises and instructions and following all other recommendations will help ensure this occurs. Patients should also be aware that once pain and discomfort have subsided, tissue healing and functional correction is many times still incomplete and will often require additional treatments. This may not feel as comfortable as some of the more relaxing options, but our deep tissue massages are fabulous at relieving pain, pressure, and stress away from the problem areas of your body that you are dealing with. This type of massage has worked well with patients struggling with joint pain, stiff muscles, and even arthritis.

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The practice of chiropractor and massage near me in North Shore includes establishing a diagnosis; facilitating neurological and biomechanical integrity through appropriate chiropractic case management; and advising and educating patients on spinal hygiene, rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, and healthful living practices. Complete Care Massage is a well-established model of reducing stress and strain on the body and helping it function optimally by improving joint alignment and motion. This is acc omplished through massage in Duval County, Florida adjustments specifically applied to the joints between spinal bones and other areas of the body. Chiropractic spinal checkups provide similar benefits to the spine that dental checkups provide to the teeth. Namely, catching minor problems and disturbances before they have the opportunity to cause pain, discomfort and irreversible tissue changes.

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Just like with cavities and heart attacks, irreversible tissue damage has generally occurred before the symptoms of spinal pain and discomfort become apparent. What is great about our massage therapy options is that we do not limit our clients to one or two types of massages. Instead, we offer a wide range of massage options, depending on your need. A few of the popular massage therapy options that our clients love include. Traditional” hands-on form of treatment that typically produces a “pop” within the joint when adjusted. The noise heard is not harmful. It is simply gas quickly leaving the joint space. Soft-tissue massage is helpful in recovery from acute injuries such as a car or sporting accident and also aids in the rehabilitation of common chronic pain syndromes such as low back pain or neck pain.

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Target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, and/or organs of the gastrointestinal system. Complete Care Massage is seeking natural pain relief from an injury or condition, let our massage therapy staff help supplement your other pain relief regimen with a chiropractor in North Shore, Florida. Wear what feels comfortable to get the most out of your experience and be sure to speak up about what feels good and what doesn’t – this experience is all about you!