3 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes!

Stress, nerves, and anxiety are all bad for our health. Therefore, it is so important that we know different ways to relax in 5 minutes. This is even more important when we think that we do not always have time for a massage or an hour of meditation and yoga. We need a “quick fix” for this problem.


A nice walk, whether it goes to the park or another quiet place, makes you calm quickly. If you feel stressed at the office, you can use your lunch hour to get out and have a nice walk. You only need five minutes to forget your problems, hear the birds sing, see some beautiful flowers, etc. It can even help you think of something that bothers you because walking gives you a chance to reflect.


You may think, “But I always breathe!”. In this case, however, we speak of conscious breathing. The first thing you should do for this is to be aware of the air that enters your lungs, rather than just letting it be a mechanical function that your body is committed to surviving. Breathing is a vital force that plays a significant role as it gives the body nutrition, reduces stress levels and allows you to get more oxygen. If you want to relax, you only need to breathe deeply (always through your nose). You do not have to go to a park or out in the middle of a field – you can calm down just by sitting in the office. To take maximum advantage of this process, you can close your eyes and place yourself in an excellent position (sitting, standing or lying). A helpful exercise is to clog your right nostril and breathe only through the left. Then change and breathe through the right one. This makes you calm very fast.


This means “daydreaming” because it is very relaxing. You may have a hectic day at work – then you can imagine that you are on a paradise island and drink from a coconut. Or maybe your version of a peaceful place is in the woods of trees and flowers. You can also try to think about your ideal future to reduce stress levels. However, keep an eye on how you respond to this exercise because thoughts on the vacation or the house you want to move into sometimes can increase stress levels. Imagine if an activity you love will surely feel calmer.

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